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Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Modeling

Hydromantis develops, sells, and supports GPS-X simulation software, but Hydromantis process engineers also use GPS-X on projects at a wide range of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment facilities. This work ranges from being hired as sub-consultant modeling specialists on a project team, to conducting complete studies on our own.

Our work ranges from development and calibration of a specific plant model for the client to performing analysis, and completing solutions that include modeling and other process analysis. Projects include development of improved plant instrumentation and control, facility plans, and plant design. Our modellers work with the Hydromantis team of experienced mechanical and structural design engineers; electrical, instrumentation and control experts; CAD operators; and field technicians. This ensures that the solutions we provide are not merely interesting modeling exercises, but complete and pragmatic solutions that meet your specific project needs.

Customized Model Development

Hydromantis is a world-leader in the research and development of customized dynamic wastewater process models. For processes that do not have extant models in the literature, our team of modeling specialists can provide the expertise required to create new models that are customized and calibrated to your system and your needs.

We have developed unique, customized and robust dynamic models for a wide range of wastewater treatment processes. For example, we have provided custom aeration control, SRT control, SBR sequencing, 3-dimensional basin mixing, and hybrid (i.e., fixed film and suspended growth) configurations to clients with systems that were not adequately simulated by existing wastewater models. Customized mathematical models can also be developed to simulate, for example, the fate of site-specific pollutants.

Hydromantis provides its clients with a unique set of model development capabilities that are supported by the advanced GPS-X modeling environment.

On-Line Applications and Controls

An emerging use of dynamic wastewater treatment models is to improve plant control. Hydromantis can help with this in a number of ways. The basic GPS-X simulator can be used to investigate control options and strategies, or linked to third-party software to design and simulate sophisticated control schemes. GPS-X can also be customized to directly read data from on-line data acquisitions systems to provide a seemless link with plant data. And for a true state-of-the-art system, GPS-X provides the tools to develop an on-line, real-time, model-based control system linked to your SCADA system.

Operator Training

The interactive dynamic simulation capability of GPS-X makes it an ideal tool for operator training. GPS-X allows the user to change plant-control settings and examine the effects on plant operation. It also can be linked to alternative user interfaces, including Microsoft Excel®, to create lesson-specific training modules.