About Hydromantis

We're committed to excellence. Hydromantis delivers integrated consulting and technology solutions that set the world standard in wastewater and hydraulic system engineering.

Our Company

Founded in 1985, Hydromantis is a unique employee-owned Canadian environmental engineering and software development company committed to excellence. We specialize in the application of:

  • Environmental engineering and planning
  • Software development and applications
  • Innovative plant optimization
  • Collection and distribution systems
  • And water resource management.

We are built around a core of senior engineering, scientific and technical staff experienced in all aspects of wastewater and water engineering from process engineering analysis and optimization to detailed design and construction management.

We often couple our engineering and consulting work with our simulation software – The General Purpose Simulator or GPS-X to the advantage of our clients.

Our Team

Hydromantis is lead by a dedicated management team of professional engineers and scientists. Our office is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We promote the benefits of a small company atmosphere while striving to maximize our profile, accessibility and level of service within the wastewater and water treatment industries.

Our clients and projects take our team members far afield. Our reputation for innovation, for significant cost savings and for staying at the technological forefront is respected around the world.

Our staff is experienced in a wide range of project activities, and we manage these projects efficiently with senior engineering and scientific expertise. Our staff stays abreast of the latest developments in the industry, allowing us to provide state-of-the art solutions.

Our staff talents include:

  • Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical)
  • Instrumentation & Control (SCADA)
  • CAD
  • Environmental Technology
  • Software Development
  • Model Development and Application
  • Project Management