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Recorded Webinars

Dynamic Parameter Estimation (DPE) with Real-Time Data with GPS-X

Modelling Inorganic Precipitation in WWTPs with GPS-X

How to Configure BNR Processes in GPS-X

Modelling Membrane Bioreactors (MBRs) with GPS-X

Modelling Anaerobic Digestion Processes in GPS-X

Modelling Solids Separation Processes in GPS-X

Introducing CapdetWorks v3.0

What's New in GPS-X v6.4

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Back to Basics: An Introduction to Activated Sludge Modelling and GPS-X

Modelling Biofilm Systems with GPS-X

Modelling Clarifiers in GPS-X

What's New in Toxchem v4.3

Activated Sludge Aeration Systems in GPS-X

Sludge Reduction Systems in GPS-X

Model Customization in GPS-X

Energy Consumption and Generation Models in GPS-X

Introduction to Toxchem v4.2

Statistical Analysis in GPS-X 6.3

What's New in Toxchem v4.2

Updates to the Mantis2 Biological Model

Managing Your Simulations with the GPS-X Scenario Feature

Setting Up PID Control Loops in GPS-X

Back to Basics: An Introduction to Activated Sludge Modelling and GPS-X

Harness the Power of the GPS-X Optimizer

What's new in GPS-X 6.2

Debugging your Influent Characterization Data with the GPS-X Influent Advisor Tool

Modelling Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBRs)

SimuWorks Webinar

IFAS/MBBR Modelling in GPS-X

Introduction to Mantis2 Comprehensive Biological Model

What's New in GPS-X Version 6.1

Modelling of UASB/EGSB Reactors in GPS-X

WWTP Capacity Analysis and Planning using GPS-X and CapdetWorks

Modelling Air Emissions within the Petrochemical Industry with Toxchem v4

Toxchem v4 for Modelling Microconstituents at Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant