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and important links related to wastewater and hydraulic engineering.

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September 2015

Hydromantis Announces a Partnership with WEF's Operations Challenge

Hydromantis is very pleased to announce our new partnership with the Water Environment Federation (WEF) to add process simulation into the annual Operations Challenge event at WEFTEC.

Starting in 2016, teams will use a Hydromantis’ SimuWorks™ simulators to troubleshoot treatment process problems as part of the Process Control event. Operators will be presented with simulations of treatment systems that are not achieving desired objectives, and will make operational changes to improve effluent quality. Several challenges will be available, and include bonuses for achieving excellence in operation such as lowest operating cost.

Hydromantis is demonstrating the Operator Challenge simulators in their booth (#1656) at WEFTEC.2015.

Drop by and take a spin on the simulator or sign up to receive updates on the new simulation event at the WEFTEC Operations Challenge.

OPS Challenge


Hydromantis Announces the Establishment of a US Subsidiary

Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions, Inc. based in Hamilton, Canada has announced the establishment of a US subsidiary operating from Chicago, IL. The entity will allow Hydromantis to better serve the growing needs of the US market for water and wastewater modelling products and value added services.

Malcolm Fabiyi, PhD., a leader in process modeling solutions, technology development and commercialization will lead the US subsidiary as its President. Dr. Fabiyi was previously Global Market Director for Water & Wastewater at Praxair, Inc., a major industrial gas producer and distributor. At Praxair, Dr. Fabiyi led the development and commercialization of technologies for the optimization of aeration and mixing, nutrient removal, sludge minimization, high solids membrane bioreactor operations and digester performance at municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. Dr. Fabiyi is lead inventor on 6 issued United States patents. Dr. Fabiyi was also formerly Chief Technology Officer at Environmental Operating Solutions, Inc. He has authored over 40 journal and conference papers, and has presented widely at regional, national and international conferences. He also has extensive global environmental experience serving clients across North America, South America, Asia, The Middle East and Africa. Prior to joining Praxair, Dr. Fabiyi was a consultant with McKinsey & Company where he assisted companies across a wide range of industries on strategic issues. Dr. Fabiyi holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Lagos, a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business.

"Partnership with Dr. Fabiyi will allow us to better serve the U.S. market. His extensive experience in serving industrial and municipal customers will enable Hydromantis to better address these segments, and expand our commercial and technical leadership position in the provision of process modeling software and productivity solutions to the water and wastewater industry," said Dr. Rajeev Goel, President & CEO of Hydromantis, Inc. "As we roll out our broad portfolio of process modeling solutions, Malcolm's experience in technology development and commercialization will assist Hydromantis in continuing to deliver optimal solutions and value added technical services to our clients in the United States. He also provides a valuable global perspective that will assist Hydromantis as our solutions continue to be sought after and deployed in more regions around the world."

Rajeev Goel,
President & CEO
Hydromantis ESS, Inc.

Malcolm Fabiyi,
President,Hydromantis USA

August 2015


The following Hydromantis experts will be a part of WEFTEC 2015.

Rajeev Goel,
President & CEO,
Hydromantis ESS, Inc.

Spencer Snowling,
VP of Product Development

Robert Beres,
Executive VP of Sales & Marketing

Malcolm Fabiyi,
Hydromantis USA

Spencer Snowling will be a speaker at the following workshop:

W14 Wastewater Treatment Fundamentals for Petroleum Refineries
This workshop provides an overview of wastewater treatment technology fundamentals and operating principles as applied in the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries. Topics include wastewater characterization, oil/water/solids separation, aerobic biological treatment, secondary clarification, and residuals management. Practical guidance will be presented on design and operating criteria for these unit operations in an industrial setting. Attendees will have the opportunity to implement and test various troubleshooting strategies with interactive simulators during the workshop breakout sessions.





Check out our latest video :

Modelling Nitritation and Anammox Processes


Toxchem Version 4.3.5 Released

Hydromantis releases Toxchem™ 4.3.5, the latest version of the industry’s most advanced simulator to predict and report on wastewater air emissions and contaminant fate.

View the new features flyer.

Email info@hydromantis.com for upgrade support.

Toxchem v4.3.5

June 2015


Check out our latest video :

Temperature Effects in Activated Sludge Modelling


Environmentally Friendly

Hydromantis employees are concerned about the environment in both our business and personal lives. Recently, Hydromantis' Dr. Spencer Snowling was featured in Hamilton Business magazine for being an active supporter of the local bike and car share programs.


April 2015


Wastewater Emissions Essentials: Toxchem™

HSE University partners with Hydromantis to bring you this introductory course designed to grow your knowledge of the fundamentals of wastewater emissions. From the basic structure of relevant air regulations, to the tools available to accurately estimate and model your wastewater emissions and help you reduce your emissions credits, TRI reductions, and much more.

Current Dates:
April 22, 2015 - Denver, CO
Sept 17, 2015 - Dallas, TX
Nov 12, 2015 - Baton Rouge, LA

Learn more about this training course.

Illuminate Your Brain

March 2015


Check out our latest video :

Modelling Inorganic Precipitation in WWTPs with GPS-X


February 2015


Check out our latest video :

How to Configure BNR Processes in GPS-X



Hydromantis President, Rajeev Goel, will be attending the 4C Environmental Conference in Austin, Texas and will be hosting a Toxchem training course there on Feb 19th.

Visit the 4C Conference website to register or view the course details for more information.


January 2015

December 2014


Online training course just announced. Check out our training page for details.


GPS-X Version 6.4 Released

Hydromantis’s new release of GPS-X™, 6.4, includes Sankey mass-flow diagrams, Advanced Pump energy models and much more.

PDF Download View the Press Release.
PDF Download View the What's New Flyer.
Video Watch the What's New in GPS-X v6.4 webinar.

Contact info@hydromantis.com for upgrade support.

GPS-X v6.4

CapdetWorks Version 3.0 Released

Hydromantis’s releases CapdetWorks™ v3.0: A powerful tool for preliminary design and financial planning of wastewater treatment plants.

PDF Download View the Press Release.
PDF Download View the What's New Flyer.
Video Watch the Introducing CapdetWorks v3.0 webinar.

Contact info@hydromantis.com for upgrade support.

CapdetWorks v3.0

November 2014

October 2014


Online training course just announced. Check out our training page for details.



Check out our latest video : What's New in GPS-X v6.4



September 2014

The following Hydromantis experts will be a part of WEFTEC 2014.

Rajeev Goel,

Spencer Snowling,
VP of Product Development

Hugh Monteith,
Senior Consultant

Robert Beres,
Executive VP of Sales & Marketing


W04 Modeling Basics and “Hands on Experience” on Modeling Software (Modeling 101) (Room 349)
Rajeev Goel & Spencer Snowling
8:30 – 17:00, September 27 (Saturday), 2014

W15 Back to Basics: Wastewater Treatment Fundamentals for Petroleum Refineries and Petrochemical Plants (Room 256)
Spencer Snowling & Rajeev Goel
8:30 – 17:00, September 28 (Sunday), 2014

Session 301 Modeling Secondary Treatment (Room 344)
Dynamic Simulation of an Accidental Alum Release during Wastewater Treatment
Hugh Monteith & Rajeev Goel
11:30 – 12:00, September 30, 2014


View our latest flyers to check out the features in our upcoming or newly released products:

PDF Download

August 2014


Check out our latest video : Modelling Biofilm Systems with GPS-X



July 2014


Check out our latest videos

Modelling Clarifiers in GPS-X

What's New in Toxchem v4.3


VI International Training Course on  Industrial Wastewater Treatment using UASB/EGSB

August 25-29

This training course is supported by the Water Commission of Guanajuato State and will be one of the events during the XX Expo Water Guanajuato 2014.

Hydromantis president, Rajeev Goel, will be participating as a presenter (via webinar) on Thursday  August 28th, 2014.

Read the brochure or contact Jose Colli Misset of CITRA at citraconsultores@yahoo.com.mx for more information.


June 2014

Toxchem Version 4.3 Released

Hydromantis releases Toxchem™ 4.3, the latest version of the industry’s most advanced simulator to predict and report on wastewater air emissions and contaminant fate.

Toxchem v4.3

View the press release or the new features flyer.

Email info@hydromantis.com for upgrade support.



Wastewater VOC Emissions Modeling Essentials: Toxchem™

Hydromantis partners with HSE University to bring you this 1-day live training session of our revolutionary Toxchem™ software - the most reliable tool for estimating and reporting air emissions and contaminant fate during wastewater collection and treatment. Learn the fundamentals and gain hands-on experience in this course designed to benefit compliance coordinators, compliance engineers, and new & existing Toxchem™ users. Learn more about this training course.

Illuminate Your Brain


Check out our latest video.

Activated Sludge Aeration Systems in GPS-X

May 2014


Check out our latest video.

Sludge Reduction Systems in GPS-X

April 2014

Summer Student

We are currently looking to hire a summer student. View our careers page for more information.
*Update: The position has been filled. Thank you for your interest.


Check out our latest video.

Model Customization in GPS-X

March 2014


Check out our latest video.

Energy Consumption and Generation Models in GPS-X

February 2014


Check out our latest videos.

What's New in Toxchem 4.2

SimuWorks Demo

January 2014

December 2013

TPO Magazine Article

Hydromantis SimuWorks WWTP Operator Training Simulator a great success at the Ontario Clean Water Agency


November 2013

GPS-X Version 6.3 Released

Hydromantis’s new release of GPS-X™, 6.3, includes automated statistical analysis of model results, a continuous flow sequencing reactor object and exciting new updates to the advanced mantis2 model.
View the press release.

Email info@hydromantis.com for upgrade support.

GPS-X v6.2


October 2013


Oliver Schraa, Hydromantis President, is a co-author of a recent WEF book entitled, "Wastewater Treatment Process Modeling".

Released at the 2013 WEFTEC bookstore and online here.


The following Hydromantis experts will be a part of WEFTEC 2013.

Oliver Schraa,

Rajeev Goel,
VP of Technology

Spencer Snowling,
VP of Business &
Product Development


Maximum Allowable Temperature for Nitrification in Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant: Model Based Evaluation
Monday, October 7, 2013, 2:30 PM
Room S504a

Rajeev Goel, Hydromantis ESS, Inc.

August 2013

Toxchem Version 4.2 Released

Hydromantis releases Toxchem™ 4.2, the latest version of the industry’s most advanced simulator to predict and report on wastewater air emissions and contaminant fate.

Toxchem v4.2

View the press release or the new features flyer.

Email info@hydromantis.com for upgrade support.

July 2013

Collaboration with the University of Lisbon on the development of a metabolic biological nutrient removal(BNR) model

Hydromantis is collaborating with the Departamento de Química at REQUIMTE/CQFB in the Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Departamento de Química at FCT-UNL) to jointly develop a metabolic biological nutrient removal (BNR) activated sludge model in GPS-X, which can be used to simulate biological nutrient removal activated sludge wastewater treatment processes.  As part of the collaboration, Departamento de Química at REQUIMTE/CQFB, FCT-UNL will assist in teaching a future workshop on metabolic models for GPS-X users.


CIRAIG Life Cycle Assessment Project (LCI) Database Project

Hydromantis is collaborating with a group of researchers working on life cycle analyses (LCA) at the CIRAIG École Polytechnique de Montréal on the development of life cycle inventory (LCI) datasets for wastewater treatment. The CIRAIG LCI team is using GPS-X, CapdetWorks, and Toxchem to assist in developing local (LCI) data to properly assess the impacts of water-related activities. The resulting datasets will be integrated in the Quebec LCI database (and hence be used in most Quebec carbon footprinting projects) and in the global ecoinvent database (and hence be used in a large proportion of LCA analyses worldwide). The work will be summarized in two scientific papers, one for the LCA community and one for the water and wastewater treatment community.

For project details, see: http://www.ciraig.org/en/bd-icv.php


NSERC Engage Project with Ryerson University:  Optimal Selection of Treatment Trains using CapdetWorks

Hydromantis and researchers at Ryerson University just completed a project that resulted in the development of a genetic algorithm-based optimizer for use in CapdetWorks for the selection of optimal treatment trains in terms of capital and operating costs. The genetic algorithm may also be incorporated into GPS-X for the optimization of treatment performance and for parameter estimation.

Ryerson NSERC

June 2013


Check out our latest recorded webinar videos.

Webinar: Harness the Power of the GPS-X Optimizer

Webinar: What's New in GPS-X 6.2

WEF Forum

Oliver Schraa, Hydromantis President, attended the WEF Forum: “Activated Sludge on its 100th Birthday: Challenges and Opportunities” on June 9-11, 2013 at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts.

This forum brought together the sector's prominent professionals and academics to reflect upon the state and future of activated sludge. The Forum followed the Gordon Conference format that fosters rich discussion and close interaction between attendees. The Activated Sludge process was developed less than 60 miles away at the Lawrence Experimental Station in Massachusetts.

Activate Sludge Forum Group Photo

April 2013

Hydromantis is pleased to announce our participation with the Black & Veatch/AECOM team for Water Environment Research Foundation’s (WERF) Energy Production and Efficiency Program.  The subject of this research is to support net energy neutrality at wastewater facilities and will leverage the advanced capabilities of GPS-X, including our recently released Carbon Footprint modelling tool.


Hydromantis is pleased to announce our collaboration with the University of Toronto under a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) grant awarded for "Expanding the ability to anaerobically digest pulp and paper mill waste".  Hydromantis is committed to supporting research efforts focused on expanding and optimizing the treatment processes for both municipal and industrial waste.


March 2013


Rajeev Goel, VP of Technology, is the co-author of a recent paper in the Water Science and Technology journal:

M. Terashima, M. Iwasaki, H. Yasui, R. Goel, K. Suto and C. Inoue (2013) Tracer experiment and RTD analysis of DAF separator with bar-type baffles, Water Science & Technology, Vol 67, No 5, pp 942-947


February 2013

Hydromantis and OCWA to Offer Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Simulation Technologies

HAMILTON, February 14, 2013– Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions, Inc. (Hydromantis) and the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) announced today that they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) to enhance water and wastewater treatment plant operations and operator training through the advancement of leading-edge simulation based technologies and services. 

Based on Hydromantis flagship products, GPS-X™ and SimuWorks™, Hydromantis and OCWA are creating opportunities for real-time simulator integration with supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) for decision making support and leading-edge water treatment simulators.

“OCWA is the largest operator of water and wastewater facilities in the province and our promotion of leading edge technology is fundamental to our drive for operational excellence,” said OCWA President and CEO Jane Pagel.  “Hydromantis simulation technology is already presenting our staff with an unparalleled operator training environment and the implementation of real-time links between GPS-X™ and operator control systems will provide forward looking, actionable data for improved decision making support,” she added.

“Hydromantis was the first company in the world to commercialize wastewater treatment plant simulation technology and we are unique in our ability to combine specialized wastewater treatment consulting and advanced simulation technology,” said Robert Beres, Hydromantis Chair and Managing Director. “Both OCWA and Hydromantis are well known as innovators in the water and wastewater industry and this partnership makes perfect sense as we look to introduce auto-calibration and continuous simulation engines into treatment plant information systems.”

About OCWA
The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) provides environmentally responsible and cost-effective water and wastewater services to municipalities, institutions, industry and First Nations. Established as a provincial crown agency in 1993, OCWA operations, engineering, and technical services provide clean water expertise to communities and businesses all across Ontario. www.ocwa.com

About Hydromantis
Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions, Inc., traces its roots back over 27 years as the global pioneer in the development of water and wastewater simulation technology. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Hydromantis offers specialized consulting services for treatment plant design and optimization and is the developer and owner of the industry’s most advanced dynamic process simulation software including: GPS-X™, SimuWorks™, Toxchem™, CapdetWorks™ and WatPro™.

For more information please contact:
Darren Richarz, Vice-President Sales and Marketing
Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions, Inc.
Tel. 905.522.0012 ex.205 Email: info@hydromantis.com

Nick Reid, Vice-President, Strategic Partnerships, OCWA
Tel: 416.775.0545 or Email: nreid@ocwa.com



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