Product Overview

Accurate and rapid preliminary design and cost estimating for wastewater treatment plant construction projects are a worldwide priority. CapdetWorks is a preliminary design and costing program that eliminates the need for spreadsheet-based design algorithms that can be relatively inflexible and are often time-consuming to maintain.

The activated sludge design algorithms in CapdetWorks are based on the concepts of solids retention time and influent fractionation, and are consistent with published activated sludge dynamic models such as ASM1 and the algorithms published in Metcalf and Eddy (Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Reuse, 4th Edition), the Water Research Commission (Theory, Design and Operation of Biological Nutrient Removal Activated Sludge, 1984), and Wentzel et al. (Biological excess phosphorus removal – steady state process design, 1990).

CapdetWorks uses a unit costing approach with an extensive costing database that accounts for the effects of inflation using cost indices. Our unit costs are carefully researched based on discussions with manufacturers, suppliers, and consultants.

Choose CapdetWorks for all of your projects involving the preliminary design and costing of wastewater treatment systems!

Announcing the Release of CapdetWorks Version 2.5

Hydromantis is committed to the continued growth of CapdetWorks, incorporating the latest developments in wastewater process technology and model development. We are pleased to announce the release of CapdetWorks Version 2.5. New or updated features in Version 2.5 include:

Updated Equipment Cost Database:

Extensive research went into checking and obtaining updated costs for all of the equipment and unit costs that are required when designing wastewater treatment plants. Costs were obtained from suppliers and manufacturers throughout North America and were cross-checked using costing studies done by our own consulting group.


Reporting Feature:

Version 2.5 has an updated reporting feature that allows users to export costing data, layout schematics, and process data into three different file formats, depending on the user's preference. The report can be created as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, a Rich Text Format document (which can be opened in most word processing programs including Microsoft Word) or simply as plain text.


Parameter Notes:

Forgotten why you changed a particular parameter? Now you can record as much information as you like right in the CapdetWorks layout. Each parameter now has a “notes field” where you can record and review information as needed.


Additional Changes:

Many of the design algorithms for the existing unit processes were improved and updated, and the chemical specifications throughout the program have been made more consistent and clear. Additionally, the interface functionality has been updated to improve ease-of-use.

CapdetWorks Support Literature

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