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Product Overview

GPS-X is the most advanced tool available for the mathematical modeling, simulation, optimization and management of wastewater treatment plants. The user-friendly drag and drop interface and comprehensive database of unit processes allows users to quickly and easily assemble a treatment plant model, enter characterization data, and run simulations.

GPS-X Layout

Develop and optimize advanced control schemes, predict effluent quality under varying conditions, conduct planning and capacity analysis or offer sophisticated training and development programs with a dynamic model of your actual or proposed plant. GPS-X was the first commercially released dynamic wastewater treatment plant simulator and still remains the solution of choice today.


Key GPS-X Features:

Drag-and-Drop Drawing Board

Create models by simply arranging the unit processes and connecting them up.


Comprehensive Library of Unit Process Models

Process TableGPS-X contains the industry's largest library of process models, covering a wide range of liquid and solids treatment.

A full suite of biological models cover all common treatment processes for carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and pH control.

Streamlined Simulation Interface

A new simulation environment allows modellers quick and easy access to simulation results.

Summarized output data is available to be viewed, copied and/or printed with a single mouse click.

Quick Display

New Comprehensive Biological Model – "Mantis2"

  • Comprehensive model for Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorous removal
  • Integrated activated sludge and anaerobic digestion
  • Mass balance for COD, C, N, P, Ca, Mg, K
  • Unified composite variable calculation
  • Two stage nitrification using AOB, NOB, 2-step denitrification
  • Methylotrophic biomass
  • ANAMMOX biomass
  • Gas phase modeling for N2, CO2, H2, CH4
  • pH and alkalinity estimation in both liquid and solid train
  • Precipitation of CaCO3, MgHPO4, CaPO4, Al and Fe phosphates and struvite


Fast Steady-State and Dynamic Simulations

GPS-X uses a powerful numerical simulation engine for fast simulation results.

Simulate 100 days of dynamically changing performance in just minutes.

Simulation Control

Advanced Data Handling/Reporting Tools

ExcelImport and export data from GPS-X with the click of a button.

Pre-formatted spreadsheet reports can be generated directly from GPS-X, showing all simulation data and images.

Custom report templates can be designed for specific jobs.

Open Modelling Platform, with Open-Source Models

The GPS-X simulation environment allows users to write/edit/change models, via the ACSL programming language.

Add any new calculations/algorithms/variables to your model layout.

Advanced tools such as Model Developer allow for easy biological model manipulation in matrix format.

All GPS-X input and output menus, as well as the new simulation result summaries, can be edited and customized by the user.

Superior Technical Support

Hydromantis provides the best support in the business.

Phone, email and internet meeting (WEBEX) channels provide instant support to clients.

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Join our regular live web seminars for classes, tutorials and tips on how to get the most out of GPS-X.

International Support

GPS-X is available in the following languages:

1 Spanish 2 Chinese 3 Korean
4 French 5 Japanese 6 Hungarian
7 Russian 7 English