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Product Overview

WatProWatPro is the premier water treatment simulator for predicting water quality based on specific treatment processes and chemical addition (e.g. alum, ferric chloride, NaOH, lime). WatPro uses raw water quality parameters such as pH, TOC and SUVA, and design and operating characteristics of process tanks, to simulate plant operation.

WatPro features modeling disinfection with chlorine dioxide.

It's easy to configure your plant processes in WatPro.

Use WatPro to:

WatPro has a user-friendly interface that allows a schematic of the water treatment plant to be easily configured within minutes. Results can be viewed either on-screen, printed a user-formatted hard copy report or saved to electronic files for further processing.

WatPro treatment processes

WatPro is a highly effective instructional and training tool

WatPro is so instructive and easy to use that it has been adopted as a teaching tool in university courses in Canada and England. It has also been accepted for use in a laboratory assignment in the forthcoming Laboratory Manual published by the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors.