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Make wastewater facility design more efficient, and evaluate every option. Hydromantis is the home of GPS-X, renowned as the world's premier wastewater treatment plant simulation and optimization application.



SimuWorks™ is an industry first - a flight-simulator for water and wastewater treatment plants. Leveraging the proven technology of Hydromantis' GPS-X™, the industry's most advanced mathematical modelling and simulation software, SimuWorks™ takes training and plant analysis opportunities to new heights.



Discover the wastewater industry’s most reliable and user-friendly predictive fate model. Toxchem combines simplicity of use with rigorous process engineering models to facilitate air emission estimates and contaminant fate during wastewater collection and treatment.



Start with CapdetWorks for reliable and comprehensive wastewater plant design and costing. Simplify examination of capital and operating costs, compare treatment alternatives and perform life-cycle analyses.



This powerful water treatment simulator uses raw water quality parameters and design and operating characteristics of process tanks to simulate plant operation. Predict water quality based on specific treatment processes and chemical addition.

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Online Disinfection Manager (ODM™)

CT requirements continually change with water conditions, and disinfectant doses should reflect these changes. The Online Disinfection Manager (ODM) automatically calculates the right concentration for current conditions.


WaterUnits Mobile AppGet it on Google Play

A simple, fast and easy to use unit converter built specifically for wastewater professionals. WaterUnits offers unit conversion between various common Metric (SI) and Imperial (US) water and wastewater units and also allows users to add their own.

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