Wastewater Modelling

Make wastewater facility design more efficient, and evaluate every option. Hydromantis is the home of GPS-XTM, renowned as the world's premier wastewater treatment plant simulation and optimization application.

An Industry First

A flight-simulator for water and wastewater treatment plants. Leveraging the proven technology of Hydromantis' GPS-XTM, the industry's most advanced mathematical modelling and simulation software, SimuWorksTM takes training and plant analysis opportunities to new heights.

Digital Twin Technology

A state-of-the-art Digital Twin tool for real-time forecasting and optimization of wastewater treatment facilities. The platform uses live SCADA data to keep the model up-to-date and drive automated process forecasts of the next few hours or days.

Toxic Emissions

Discover the wastewater industry’s most reliable and user-friendly predictive fate model. Toxchem combines simplicity of use with rigorous process engineering models to facilitate air emission estimates and contaminant fate during wastewater collection and treatment.

Preliminary Design

Start with CapdetWorks for reliable and comprehensive wastewater plant design and costing. Simplify examination of capital and operating costs, compare treatment alternatives and perform life-cycle analyses.

Water Modelling

This powerful water treatment simulator uses raw water quality parameters and design and operating characteristics of process tanks to simulate plant operation. Predict water quality based on specific treatment processes and chemical addition.

Preliminary Plant Design Yes Yes
Detailed Plant Design & Sizing Yes Yes
Process Control & Optimization Yes Yes
Process Technology Evaluation & Comparison Yes Yes Yes Yes
Aeration System Sizing Yes
Biosolids Pretreatment Yes
Nutrient Removal & Recovery Yes Yes Yes
Co-Digestion & Biogas Generation Yes Yes
GHG Footprint, Energy Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Limit of Technology Evaluation Yes Yes Yes
Drinking Water Treatment Process Modeling Yes Yes
Compliance & Risk Assessment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Disinfection – Water & Wastewater Yes Yes
VOC & Air Emission Modeling Yes
Contaminant Fate Estimation Yes Yes
Regulatory Reporting (NESHAP) Yes
Life Cycle Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Life Cycle Cost Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Capital Cost Estimation Yes
Operating Cost Estimation Yes Yes
Plant Layout & Process Flow Diagrams Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Operator Training & Knowledge Management Yes Yes Yes
Customized Facility Interface (3D & SCADA) Yes Yes
Dynamic Data Exchange Yes Yes Yes
Real-time Predictive Analysis, Optimization and Control Yes
Geert-Henk Koops

"Over the past 4 years, we have been working with Hydromantis on the development of a hybrid MABR (membrane-aerated biofilm reactor) using the GPS-X platform. Hydromantis developed a process model which we used to guide our research and interpret piloting results. Modelling allowed us to shrink the development schedule and reduce the cost of experimental work. GPS-X now contains a full-fledged MABR model validated with field data. We are extremely pleased with the support that we got from Hydromantis in this project."

Geert-Henk Koops
Technology Leader, UF/MBR Technology
GE Power and Water

Rick Fuller

"I recently spent 30 days analyzing numerous waste streams that enter a refinery wastewater treatment plant. Some of those streams included crude tank water draws, alky unit wastewater, desalter brine, and wastewater stripper effluent. Oxygen uptake rate testing was conducted repeatedly to determine the time to endogenous respiration, the oxygen consumption associated with the individual waste streams, and the total oxygen consumption in the biological reactor. Along the way, numerous data tables and graphs were being generated and communicating the wealth of information very quickly became a difficult task.

All that changed when I ran several GPS-X simulations as part of a presentation. Immediately, everyone, knowledgeable in wastewater treatment or not, could understand and relate to how increasing the COD loading consumed oxygen in the biological reactor. Everyone could see and understand how the biological reactor was deficient in oxygen-generation capacity. The GPS-X model was then used to show how much additional aeration input was going to be required to sustain a dissolved oxygen concentration ≥ 2.0 mg/L, evaluating both horsepower requirements and pounds of air per day.

The mountains of laboriously collected and compiled data had failed to communicate, to "tell a story." The simulations and the different scenarios modeled using GPS-X succeeded where no amount of data could. This is a tool I cannot imagine being without. Thank you!!"

Rick Fuller
Technology Development Manager
USP technologies

Kevin Frank

Successful Calibration and Application of the Mantis2 Biological Model at a Full-scale Wastewater Treatment Plant

"We developed a whole-plant process model for a large treatment plant in Pennsylvania with the new Mantis2 biological model on the GPS-X platform. The process included primary treatment, high purity oxygen activated sludge, secondary clarification, thickening, anaerobic digestion, dewatering, and advanced side-stream treatment. Two intensive sampling programs were carried out to render dynamic calibration and validation databases. It was clear that the new and more detailed influent characterization framework of the Mantis2 model coupled with the extensive array of dynamic state variables and process rate equations proved to represent both aerobic and anaerobic treatment performance extremely well. This helps establish the new Mantis2 biological model as one of the premier "Super Models" in the wastewater process modeling industry.

In addition, the new multi-tabbed graphical interface of GPS-X Version 6 made tracking each interunit's process performance a breeze. Over 20 ready-made process unit summary tabs and 40 dynamic graphs were created in a matter of minutes, while the excel-based reporting feature made simulation scenario documentation a snap."

Kevin Frank, PE
Wastewater Process Engineer

Art Umble

"GPS-X 6.1 is the best tool to model complex biochemical systems to confirm or enhance my intuition and gain process insight which might not have been readily obvious.  It offers intuitive interfaces and an unmatched level of sophistication that reinforces my experience and has made me a better process analyst and designer."

Art K. Umble, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE
Wastewater Practice Leader
MWH Americas, Inc.

Raymond  D. Hamilton

"I just wanted to let you have some feedback on my use of GPS-X 6.1.  Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the mantis2 biological model.  It’s been very easy to calibrate, particularly using the influent advisor.  One of the features I like best is the standard report format in Excel.  The ability to generate separate tabs for each graph and process is great – this is vastly superior to the Word output reports used by competing products."

Raymond D. Hamilton, PE, BCEE
Senior Engineering Manager
Amec Foster Wheeler

Jing Luo

"GPS-X is one of the most powerful tools available in the marketplace and the only one that could accommodate our need for customized interfaces.  We have simulated our two regional wastewater treatment facilities and one sub-regional facility with GPS-X.  Both the software and the expertise from Hydromantis have offered tremendous help with our planning, process design, and plant operations."

Jing Luo, PhD, PE
Civil Engineering Manager
Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department (RWRD)

"I have been a ToxchemTM user since 2001, beginning with version 3 and recently graduating to version 4.  My chemical manufacturing facility has an onsite wastewater treatment plant, and ToxchemTM gives me all the modeling power I need for our environmental reporting obligations.

Toxchem version 4 enables me to perform modeling tasks efficiently and effectively, including evaluation of the data and results reporting. Additionally, the Hydromantis technical support staff was very helpful in making the transition from version 3 to 4 a smooth one.

Features in this version will allow our facility to evaluate anticipated process changes and their potential effect on our water discharge permit limits, giving us time to implement revised compliance strategies."

John Pitner
Senior Environmental Engineer
Cytec Industries Inc.