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This is the "out-of-the-box" version of SimuWorksTM.


SimuWorks OpTool Pro is a fantastic tool to allow operators to explore the causal relationships between operational settings and the effect on performance of an activated sludge treatment facility.

OpTool Pro can also be used as a stepping stone to develop customized simulators for any specific plant.


OpTool Pro is a generic virtual activated sludge treatment wastewater facility using a calibrated plant model as an underlying computational engine.

The facility includes preliminary treatment systems, primary clarification, a two-train activated sludge process, secondary clarifiers, thickener and sludge disposal.

The platform features both TRAINING and TESTING modes.


This platform provides a direct replication of a bird's eye view of your actual water or wastewater treatment facility. The graphical interface and output schemes is similar to Optool Pro.

Key operations at the facility are dutifully captured.

The development of the simulator is based on steady state calibration using average values of key parameters.


Applicable to conventional activated sludge systems using any technology (e.g. ASP, SBR, Oxidation ditch etc.).


Applicable to systems that also include fixed film media based processes (e.g. MBBR, IFAS, etc.).

All solids handling facilities and liquid recycles in the plant are included in the system development.


The graphical interface and output schemes is customized based on your requirement (bird's eye view, SCADA look-and-feel or other graphics).

Applicable to systems that can include fixed film media based processes (e.g., MBBR, IFAS, etc.), this platform dutifully captures key operations at your facility.

The simulator includes scenarios specified by you, and provides you with the ability to develop additional scenarios.


The development of the simulator is based on a calibration done using average values of key parameters.


The development of the simulator is based on a calibration done using dynamic values of key parameters.

Advanced Operator Training and Development

SimuWorksTM is a state of the art operator training and development platform that allows instructors to train and evaluate new or existing operators in a controlled and safe environment. The training can offer actual SCADA or customized look interfaces tied to the plant models that closely simulate actual plant behaviour. The training offers exposure to many simple or highly complex scenarios within a realistic environment but with no risk to actual plant performance.

Because the trainees can operate the virtual plant in the same manner they would the real plant (e.g. have access to the same operational control parameters, such as DO set-points and sludge wastage), learning is systematic and adopted well. Site-specific models have been used to train operators on such topics as step-feeding during storm events, troubleshooting nitrification/denitrification and what to do during periods of poor settling.

Plant and Process Optimization

SimuWorksTM offers a platform for fast and efficient testing and validation of any number of plant optimization or upgrade possibilities without putting the plant at risk. Operators, engineers, management or any other user type can evaluate new technologies, test new operational control strategies, run “what-if” scenarios (capacity, flow rates, chemical dosing, energy usage, etc.) and more. The implementation of SimuWorksTM can promote a better understanding of plant control at all levels within an organization.

Project Management and Risk Analysis

SimuWorksTM becomes an important part of the planning process for projects. By simulating various scenarios around downtime for plant maintenance or modifications, potential risks can be identified and optimum project planning achieved.



Request an evaluation of SimuWorks OpToolPro and take it for a test drive!