As utility managers, we are required to meet stringent effluent compliance while optimizing our operational costs, carbon footprint and energy requirement. To manage dynamic events like wet weather flow, scheduled and un-scheduled maintenance and control optimization require constant attention to find best operational strategies to meet utility objectives. The Mantis.AITM platform extends on the capabilities of SimuWorksTM, our award winning platform for operator training and operational support, by using the real time data for performance forecasting, plant optimization, and operational benchmarking. The platform uses the power of well proven first principle models and combines it with the machine learning algorithms to provide guidance on the best operational strategies to meet compliance and reduce operational cost.

The Mantis.AITM Digital Twin uses live weather data, past historical plant performance and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to create accurate near-term forecasts for influent and environmental conditions. Our cutting-edge research into influent forecasting allows operators to view plant performance forecasts in the same way that you would view weather forecasts. Operators can see potential process upsets before they occur and use that information to take appropriate action.

The Mantis.AITM platform can also integrate the collection system, pumping systems, distribution system, water treatment plant and control system models. The system can be expanded to include the predictive maintenance of plant assets.

MantisAI Overview

Our Digital Twins contain 4 key components

Data Retrieval

1 - Data Retrieval

A sophisticated cloud-based data platform that retrieves SCADA data and performs data cleaning and machine-learning functions to automatically evaluate your plant data in real time.

Process Model

2 - Process Model

A state-of-the-art process model of your wastewater treatment facility created in Hydromantis' flagship simulation platform, GPS-XTM

Data Visualization

3 - Data Visualization

A cloud-based data visualization system that allows you to browse through the Digital Twin of your facility, viewing live SCADA data trends and forecasts of upcoming plant performance.


4 - Data Analysis & Forecasting

A set of advanced process analysis tools that automatically analyze the forecast results, highlight potential upcoming problems, provide troubleshooting suggestions, and illustrate how the process can be optimized for various aspects such as energy reduction, process robustness or effluent quality.

Why Use Real-Time Mantis.AITM?

The web-based real-time Mantis.AITM digital twin platform helps support the water and wastewater treatment operation in many ways:

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