Full Plant Layout

The platform features a fully functional wastewater treatment facility with:

  • Influent stream
  • Primary treatment
  • Multi-stage aeration tank
  • Secondary clarifiers
  • Chemical dosing stations for P removal
  • Methanol dosage

Interface Layout

Plant Layout

Designed to look like an overhead view of an actual plant. Model objects containing parameters that can be edited are labeled, and wastewater/sludge streams are indicated.

Instructions/Challenge Questions

Users can walk through a set of instructions that will guide them in making changes to process parameters, running the simulation, and observing the results.


Clicking on a unit within the layout will open up a panel where changes can be made to specific operational parameters.


After running the model from the Simulation Toolbar, the output tables and panel will be updated.


Two Available Modes

Training Platform

This mode allows users to vary input parameters and make changes to the influent stream and other operational parameters in various processes like clarifiers, aeration tanks and chemical dosage stations.

Testing Platform

SimuWorksTM is the official simulator platform for the Water Environment Federation's Process Control event.

OpToolPro includes all of the testing capabilities that are available to the elite teams that take part in the WEF Ops Challenge event. Test your skills using 15 challenging scenarios that cover:

  • Biological Nutrient Removal,
  • Supplemental Carbon Dosage,
  • Chemical Phosphorus Removal,
  • Energy Footprint Optimization,
  • Cost Savings.

This mode has a stop clock and a scoring table that allows users to track their performance and mastery of various operational skills.