Product Overview

Predict & Report Toxic Emissions

Easy as ...

  1. Build plant
  2. Select contaminants
  3. Observe emissions

Advanced Features

Drag-and-drop Modelling

The redesigned Toxchem interface makes process configuration so much easier with drag-and-drop simplicity and on-screen labels for both process units and stream connections. Users can open multiple layout configurations simultaneously to compare minor process modifications without the need to open and close different files.

main window


Reporting Wizards and Dashboards

Report wizards, on-screen summary dashboards and easy export to Excel saves time when reporting and viewing Toxchem results.

mass balance



Unparalleled Contaminant Database

Experience a broader modelling capability with Toxchem's comprehensive contaminants database which additionally offers those compound properties as specified in the EPA WATER9 model database and an extensive array of endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) and pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs).


Typical Uses