Users can observe the Final Effluent Summary and Process Output Summary in the tables at the bottom of the window.

WatPro Output


The Hotspot feature provides the user with a visual identification of the units containing the variable of interest, and the relative magtitude.

WatPro Hotspot

Generate Reports

Results can be exported from WatPro into an external document for further analysis.

Users can specify what data and images they would like to include or exclude.

WatPro Report

Effluent Limits

Custom Effluent Limits can be specified by the user.

After running the simulation, the non-compliant paramters will be identified.

WatPro Effluent Limits

Model Calibration

Several model parameters can be calibrated to site specific data.

WatPro Calibration

Sensitivity Analysis

Allows the user to observe the effect of changing various design and operating conditions.

The Sensitivity Analysis adjusts the magnitude of the parameter of interest while holding all other parameters constant.

Here the impact of the influent flow rate on the inactivation of Giardia, Crypto and viruses is explored.

WatPro Sensitivity Analysis

Simple Interface

Users can create multiple layouts within the same file allowing for easy comparison between models with different parameter specifications.

Key parametes of interest can be pinned to the Quick Adjust Toolbar eliminating to need to open the model object each time you would like to adjust the value of a parameter.

WatPro Sensitivity Analysis

Quick Adjust