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Change the process images on the drawing board to your own custom pictures.


Change the labels of the processes and/or stream connections to easily identify locations.


Move the connection paths around to make the layout easier to follow.


The various stream types (wastewater, air, oil, sludge) are coloured to easily differentiate between them. Edit the colours to suit your preferences.

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hotspot mass balance

Unit Processes

An unmatched number of unit processes to build comprehensive process layouts.


State-of-the-art models to simulate different volatilization, adsorption and biodegradation mechanisms.

pH Dependent

New pH dependent volatilization models to evaluate the effects of pH on air emissions.


Customizable mass transfer properties to more accurately evaluate variations in process design.

Different Biokinetic Rate

Different biokinetic rate values for aerobic, anaerobic & anoxic zones within Biological Nutrient Removal Plants (BNR).


Auto-calculation of the reduction in active biomass availability for biodegradation of organic compounds as solids retention time increases.


Easily reverse engineer an allowable headworks concentration given a downstream concentration limit. This helpful feature assists you in quickly developing local limits for metals or organic contaminants as part of contaminant source reduction programs or sewer use control bylaws.

Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis tool for studying the relationship between input parameters and model results.