Intended Audience


Academic institutions looking to augment their teaching of wastewater treatment concepts incorporating process modelling. The software comes with several dedicated lessons suitable for undergraduate/graduate supplemental material.


People wishing to become more familiar with concepts related to wastewater treatment modelling


People curious about how GPS-XTM can be used to model wastewater treatment plants


As GPS-XTM Lite is a simplified version of GPS-XTM, it allows you to perform various activities, but there are several restrictions in place including:

  • Limited to only the ASM1 model
  • Limited number of unit processes with only one instance of each available unit process
  • Inability to load and run layouts produced in full version of GPS-XTM
  • Limitations on some model parameters including the wastewater influent composition, and the physical parameters of the suspended growth and secondary clarifier model objects
  • Deactivation of several advanced features in GPS-XTM including the Optimizer, Sensitivity Analysis, and Process Control tools
  • The duration of dynamic simulations must be less than 1-day
  • Inability to produce reports of simulation results

The complete version of GPS-XTM provides users with the most comprehensive suite of unit processes, comprehensive process models and advanced features to allow for advanced mathematical modeling, control, optimization and management of wastewater treatment plants.


Are you an academic who is planning a course in wastewater modelling?

Take advantage of the detailed exercises that comes with GPS-XTM Lite. These exercises can be easily integrated into your lesson plan.

Take a look at the Exercise Manual.

PDF Download

Note: This document is also available through the "Help" menu of GPS-XTM Lite.

If you are conducting the wastewater modeling course, contact us to request a complete solution guide.

Please note that GPS-XTM LITE is provided for learning purposes only and its use for any commercial application is strictly prohibited.

The installation program has been updated on November, 2022.
If you are here because your version expired, please download and install the latest version.



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Updated Jan 31, 2023