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Great for new users or as refresher training.  Toxchem is the most reliable tool for estimating and reporting air emissions and contaminant fate during wastewater collection and treatment. Hydromantis is now offering single day web-based training workshops for Toxchem.  It is an inexpensive and efficient way to get started with or back to using Toxchem.

Training can begin at no cost to the client with the Toxchem tutorials in the Users Guide, available in Adobe PDF format from the Toxchem Help menu. The tutorials cover most of the software's features in an easy to follow format. In addition, Hydromantis also offers free video tutorials that are designed to be used in concert with the PDF Tutorial Guide to support a comprehensive, self-paced learning program.

If a more formalized approach to training is desired we offer a instructor-led training option:


Web-Based Training Option

$2,000 USD (6-8 Login IDs) 1 day
All the advantages of a live instructor but with the convenience of the location of your choice via the worldwide web. Screen sharing technology connects the instructor to the students offering fully collaborative training with hands-on workshops. Students also receive a digital recording of the training sessions at no additional cost.

Lecture 1: Course Introduction, Background
Lecture 2: Model Fundamentals
Lecture 3: Overview & Ops of TOXCHEM Model
Lecture 4: Chemical Database
Tutorial (Steps 1 to 5)
Lecture 5: Generating Reports
Lecture 6: Back Solver
Lecture 7: Sensitivity Analysis & Other Utilities
Tutorial (Steps 6 to 10)
Hands-On Session

Contact us with any additional questions you may have or to set up a training session.